About Cwtsh

Ever since Newport City Council closed Stow Hill branch library in March, 2013 a committed band of people have been striving to re-open it. Together they have formed the Handpost Community Library Association (CWTSH'S registered name), held an Auction to raise funds and also organised regular Open Mics at the Murenger House, Newport, to raise money to help run the old library building.

We plan on using the library space as a big white box and we would like your help and advice as to how best to use this space. CWTSH will not be a library as before, simply issuing books but there will be a children's book corner and facilities to surf the Internet and seek out fiction and non-fiction books. We aim to make the old building hum with exciting new developments but we would also like to know what ideas or suggestions you can contribute to help us make the old building a community centre of which we can all be proud.