Event Date: Apr 28, 2019

Event Time: 18:30:00

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LENGTH: 28’00”
SYNOPSIS: Imagine being able to relive a childhood journey made forty years ago.  Will it smell the same? How will your new encounters compare? And what part does nostalgia play? 
Going Home is the story of an epic three-day train journey from the North East to the very South of India.  This short personal documentary is about our encounters in life, bringing together memories, loves and loss. Oh, and mango trees too!
LANGUAGES USED: English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada
DIRECTOR’S BIO: G D Jayalakshmi (commonly known as Jaya) is an award-winning, experienced film-maker, educator and media consultant. She spent eleven years at the BBC, making documentaries.  Then she pursued her interest in fiction film-making, winning several international awards for her short films e.g., Worldfest Houston, Kino Manchester and FICCI Frames, India.  She was also the runner up TAPS British Writer of the Year.  Her films have screened at major international festivals and they have toured with the British Film Institute (BFI). Jaya’s latest film is an autobiographical documentary called Going Home (2018).